Christy Gray  Production Designer & Art Director 

Cherry Blue (code name) Show Logo
X-Con Sign Neon Animation
X-Con Sign Plans
X-Con Completed Sign
X-Con Hat
X-Con Van
Oui Restaurant Sign
Prop Graphics from Girls Trip.
Graffiti Solider
Ext. Brownstone Drafting
Ext. Brownstone, color & texture.
Photoshopped Painting from Photo
Fake Advertising from Girls Trip
The Quest, Hall of Fates White Model
The Quest, Hall of Fates Rendering
The Quest, Hall of Fates Final Set
Candy Prop Graphics
Sketch for a friend.
Sketchup Rendering, The Amazing Race
Sketchup Drafting, The Amazing Race
The Quest, Great Hall Banners
The Quest, Kingdom Banner
Broken Skull Challenge Rendering
Motor City Masters, Lounge Rendering
Motor City Masters, Lounge
Goliath, Main Courtroom Set
Goliath, Courtroom Floor Graphics
Goliath, Courtroom Floor
Goliath, Courtroom Ceiling Graphics
Goliath, Law Firm Logo Design
Goliath, Law Firm Logo on Set
Owl City Music Video Set Graphics
Owl City Set Graphics on Set
Stuck in the Middle, Set Rendering
Stuck in the Middle, Halloween Set
Titans of Newark